Louise Wilson, President

Louise has been with Son Reign since they began. She did not do very much in the parks, but attended the community services where they went from door to door ministering one on one with families.

Before Charlie went home to be with Lord, he had a class to teach everyone to use the sound equipment. Louise stepped in Charlie's shoes and continued with Son Reign, running the sound and filling in as Brenda's secretary.

When Brenda went home to be with the Lord, Louise stepped into her shoes as the administrator/director where she continues to follow the leading of the Lord. Louise has recently accepted the position of President, but will continue to Administrate until God fills the position.

Louise Attends Christ Life Church in Kettering Ohio

Mike Haynes, Vice President

Mike was the first President that Son Reign had after Brenda went home to be with the Lord. Under his leadership, we accomplished many things. Mike is still very active in Son Reign, always filling in when someone has had an emergency and needs to cancel.

Mark Smith, Accountant

Mark has been with Son Reign for approx. 12 years or more. Mark is there to fill in whenever needed. He is indeed and inspiration to this ministry. Every ministry should have a MARK.

Mark Attends Living Word church in Vandalia.

Judy Gentry, Secretary

Judy joined Son Reign after Brenda went home to be with the Lord ,about 2 1/5 years ago. She works part time about 15- 20 hours a week. Judy brings to Son Reign 30 years of being a secretary in the corporate world. She had four children, one of which just went home to be with the Lord. In spite of Judy's loss, she is always up and ready to serve.

Roderick Wilson, Transportation

Roderick has been a great help to this ministry taking care of our vehicle and helping us with sound equipment.

Lewis Ellis, Ministry Advisor

Lewis is an Elder at Restored Life Ministries and is a faithful ministry of HELPS. He ministers the Gospel to many in the prisons and has been with Son Reign Ministry for over 20 years.

Board of Directors

James Amburn - State Farm
Judy Gentry - Secretary
Pastor Edward Harvey
Minister Kevin Washington
Roderick Wilson